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  • have tried Paleo challenges but had trouble sticking with it
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I get it.  Transitioning to Paleo requires some big changes and it can be really intimidating.

It becomes much simpler (and even pretty easy), if you know where to start and how to stick with it.  So whether you’re new to the Paleo game or not, I am here to hold your hand the whole way through and most importantly — show you just how to succeed!

Get Started With Paleo

So, hi there!

My name is Angela Gallardo and I’m passionate about helping others successfully transition to a Paleo lifestyle.

I’ve spent 10 years learning the “ins and outs” of Paleo.

Truth be told, it was a frustrating process trying to figure it out on my own.

I tried 30-day challenges, cleanses, you name it.  It led to lots of rebounding and an accompanying feeling of self-loathing for what seemed like a complete lack of willpower.  I wondered if I just didn’t have what it takes.

My already-suffering health grew worse every day and I often felt that there was no way that I would EVER feel healthy, energetic, and happy (the most important one) again.

In early 2014, an invasive surgery (with a diagnosis that would challenge my ability to have children) changed my perspective on Paleo forever.  I vowed to build a better relationship with food (and the bathroom scale!) and go back to the root of Paleo — replacing nutrient-poor foods with nutrient-dense foods.

I dedicated my focus to creating healthy meals that I would be excited to eat every.single.day.

I won’t bore you the nitty-gritty of my symptoms (and current lack thereof) but I will share the biggest lesson I learned from my efforts:

I had what it takes inside of me all along.

Everything you see here comes from my 28′ camper that I remodeled and now live in full-time.  I work from home as a freelance recipe and video developer.  I’ve published two Paleo cookbooks and have something exciting in the works for the (very near) future.


You’ll find easy-to-follow, Paleo-friendly recipes that will help you add massive amounts of flavor to your food, diversity to your meal-planning, and nourishment to your mind & body.  Whether it’s a killer sauce recipe or a perfectly seared piece of meat, I refuse to cook boring food.

Life is too short to spend it messing around with
crash-dieting & feelings of self-doubt

I believe in imperfection, sleeping lots, taking long walks (near water whenever possible), and dreaming really big dreams.  And I have dreams for you, too.

Despite what others may tell you, you CAN cook for health and eat for pleasure (at the same time!).  It’s not “all-or-nothing.” It’s about the foods your body needs and loves.

So let’s get started.

Get Started With Paleo