Coming Soon: The Transition to Paleo Podcast!

Are you as excited as I am?

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by Angela Gallardo

It’s no secret that I love to connect with others over a shared passion for improving health. Particularly within the realm of a Paleo way of eating and all the challenges (and benefits) that come along with it.

I’ve found a great amount of pleasure in writing the BRG email letters.  It’s helped to bridge the internet gap between me (a blogger writing alone in my 28′ camper) and you (the reader) but it’s also reaffirmed my belief in the power of Paleo.  So many have replied to share their stories and struggles and victories.

I genuinely feel honored to share in this journey with you.

Wanting to take it beyond the email letters, I’ve felt a podcast is the next natural step.  It’s been bouncing around in my head for months, so many ideas and things I’d love to share.  With the website revamped and being settled for the winter back in Arizona, the timing feels perfect.

Change can bring about hiccups and generalized life disruptions that throw a person’s commitment to healthy eating into a whole new proving ground.  Each time I’ve faced a new transition in life, I’ve learned more about how to make Paleo “stick.”

Essentially:  how to go from feeling like I could give up at any moment to feeling like you couldn’t push me off this Paleo gravy train if your life depended on it.  All in a matter of moments.

That mental shift is what I’m most excited about.

In the Transition to Paleo podcast, I plan to dig into how to make this shift happen, the reasons it doesn’t happen for many people, and what to do to overcome the struggles and setbacks that can keep us from it.

As I start the recording process, I’m wondering this:

What topics surrounding Paleo do you want to hear more about?

What struggles do you wish were discussed more in the Paleo space?

Feel free to leave your feedback below!  The more questions you share, the more useful I can make this podcast for you.

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