I've Been There...

For years I struggled with:


binge & starve cycles

weight fluctuations

and feelings of self-loathing.


I wondered if I was the only one that couldn't figure out how to stick with a healthy way of eating.  Why did it seem like everyone else had awesome self control??


I just wanted to be able to lose the weight and stop worrying about how my clothes fit every time I got dressed.

It feels hard

Cycling through giving up and trying again only perpetuates the bad relationships we have with food.  And trying every new fad diet often leads to more weight gain.

You want

To figure out that "secret formula" to feel better and lose the weight with ease. And get to a point where weight struggles are a thing of the past.

The Truth

Weight loss is not actually hard.  But most restrictive programs are one-size-fits-all and not tailored to your individual needs. 

What We Can Do Together

SPOILER: there is no secret formula. The solution is as simple as creating an individualized approach that *your* body needs.  Every client I work with finds that the customized plan we create together results in an easeful change in their palate and their habits.  


What this means = the foods you crave and want to reach for will change.  And results become effortless.

Angela is so knowledgeable! She has helped me learn so much about my body and health. I have PCOS and have also struggled with gut problems. Angela has helped guide me to figure out a way of eating that works best for my body & I’ve learned how to have a better relationship with food. My gut health has noticeably improved and my cycles became less irregular, allowing me to get pregnant!"

KimberlyKimberlywife & mother

"I was so fortunate to find the Angela when considering a grain-free diet; her recipes and knowledgeable advice made it easy (and delicious) to transition to this new lifestyle.

Two years later, I'm relieved to never feel faint or "hangry" anymore, plus my cravings for bread and sugar are completely gone. This way of eating isn't just about losing weight--it's about truly feeling your best."

RebeccaRebeccaformer vegan

"Working with Angela enlightened me to the possibility that I can truly nourish myself through food (and nearly food alone!) Having a background as a competitive athlete and years of turmoil with disordered eating and body image issues, the knowledge she provided me is some that I will take with me and implement for the rest of my life.

Angela is an excellent space holder, and she was deeply compassionate and understanding of my growth process during our time working together. She gave me the freedom to choose what was right for myself and my body while providing me with the necessary guidance to make the changes I needed to make, which is absolutely priceless."

MonicaMonicatrauma coach & healer

Discounted Pricing for a Limited Time

I'm working on the wrap up for a big project (announcement coming soon!) and will be changing the way I accept 1-1 clients.


In the meantime, I'm discounting my coaching sessions! You'll be grandfathered in even after the project is announced, so now is the time to start working together.

Weekly Calls

We'll meet weekly via zoom to chat, work through struggles, and keep you accountable.

Voxer Access

Using the Voxer app, you'll be able to reach me between calls to check in.

Personalized Plans

Our initial intake call will give me a full picture of your body's needs so we can create a program together that you're excited about.

Learn to Coach Yourself

My personal mission for every client is to educate and empower you to become your own coach for life.

Mark's Success Story

"I've been type 2 diabetic for over 17 years.  Despite being on insulin, I've struggled regularly to keep my blood sugar within a healthy range.

Working with Angela has been a complete game changer. Not only have I been able to go off of insulin completely, but my blood sugar numbers are lower than they've ever been!  My doctor is shocked!

It feels amazinggg to take control of my eating and my body again.  I never thought it would be possible and have it feel so easy."

~ Mark, 48

Weekly 1:1 Coaching

Normally $100

$70 . 00


Perfect For Beginners
  • Additional discount available if paying monthly

Let's Get Started

Click the button below to fill out the contact form with all your details.  Be sure to include your key struggles and goals you'd like to achieve.  I can't wait to hear from you!



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