This little space is a place for the gathering of friends, a little laughter, and the enjoying of delicious, healthful meals.  I started Bare Root to challenge myself to create recipes that are not just delicious but nutrient-dense, as well.  I believe whole-heartedly that everyone can find a Paleo model that works for themselves and that it can cure many of the ailments plaguing our society today.

I'm here to inspire, educate, and empower you to take your health into your own hands.  Recipes can be found in The Kitchen and informational articles over in The Blackboard.  Click to the right to see my new cookbook or click here to get to know me better.  Welcome, friends!  


The Kitchen

Seasonal, whole foods meals and healthy bakery recipes for your family table. Tips on topics like Paleo/Primal, raw foods, grain-free baked goods, and fermenting.

The Blackboard

Pull up a chair and be ready to turn your common health knowledge on its head.  We'll focus on topics like gut health, inflammation, feminine health, and skin care.