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you’re in the right place

If sticking to a healthy

way of eating feels overwhelming,

I can help

You & I should definitely be friends if you…

  • lose weight just to gain it all back again (and more)
  • are frustrated by how hard it seems to eat healthy
  • just want healthy food to taste better

I get it.

Eating healthy can require some big changes and it can be *really* intimidating.

It can seem like deprivation is the only way to the body you want.

The facts: it’s simple (and even *easy*) once you know where to start and how to stick to it.

Life is too short to spend it crash-dieting with feelings of self-doubt.

So whether you’re new to the grain-free game or not, I’m here to show you how to get there once and for all!

Get Coached

oh, hi there!

My name is Angela Gallardo and I’m a certified health & body mindset coach.  And my mission is to help others successfully find their own healthful way of eating.

I’ve spent over 10 years learning what it really means to eat healthy and stick with it easily.

Truth be told, it was a frustrating process trying to figure it out on my own.

I tried 30-day challenges, cleanses, raw foods, elimination diets… you name it.

There was a lot of rebounding and feelings of self-loathing. Most of the time I felt weak and wondered how others had any willpower when I didn’t.  

I wondered if I just didn’t have what it takes.

I got SO TIRED of feeling at odds with my body.  It consumed my thoughts.  Simple pleasures like a dinner out came with a heaping side of guilt.

In 2014, an invasive surgery woke me up.

In a few short days, my perspective on “healthy” changed forever.  I realized I had what it takes inside of me all along.

The solution: I changed the structure of my meals.

This new structure gave my body the nutrients it needed to be strong — both mentally and physically.

I no longer had to *dig* for willpower.

It’s simple.  Much more simple than we’ve been taught.

I’ve lost over 100 lbs.  I have 10x the energy I did before.  I feel no deprivation and I LOVE all the food I eat.

And I’m here to share this same formula with you.


You’ll find easy-to-follow recipes that will help you:

  • lose weight easily
  • add massive flavor to your food
  • meal-plan with more variety
  • get more nourishment for your mind & body

(what you will not find: boring, tasteless food)

Despite what others may tell you, it’s not “all-or-nothing.”

It’s 100% about giving your body the foods it *needs* and loves.

So let’s get started.

Get Coached