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2019 NY! (Nourish Yourself) Challenge

Join us, why don’t you?

If you’re just so *over* all of the January cleanses, I feel you! I am all about building a balanced & nourishing WOE that sustains throughout the year, whether it’s January, June, or December.

So maybe you’re still looking to make changes and feel better in your body this year but you don’t know where to start (and you don’t want to feel deprived).

I’ve put together a FREE 21-day Nourish Yourself (NY!) Challenge that is intended to ADD more goodness to your health.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of eliminating foods that aren’t serving our bodies. But far too often, resets and cleanses focus hard on elimination and not hard enough on what foods we can *add* to boost hormone function, ease digestion, and just plain feel better. Building a nourishing foundation 1st will set you up for success if you have a goal to cut out or eliminate foods in the future.

Each week will build on the previous, with small steps and easy changes to make gradually.


Week 1: The Morning

  • Daily AM Mineral Cocktail
  • Breakfast with a high-fat & protein focus

Week 2: Boosting Micros & Macros

  • Learn to add new fats to your meals
  • Add an extra serving of veggies to each meal

Week 3: The Evening

  • Cook delicious, healthy starches to add to dinner
  • Bedtime tonic to boost sleep

We begin January 14th.

If you’d like to participate, enter your email below and you’ll be added to the group. You’ll receive a weekly PDF with recipes & tips for that week’s corresponding focus (the first will be sent to you later this week!). We’ll also have a private Facebook Group to hold each other accountable and share all the delicious food we’re eating!

Those who join will also get first access and a discounted rate for my signature program Transition to Paleo, which will be the perfect next step to take after completing the 21-day NY Challenge. But whether you take advantage of this or not, the NY Challenge is totally FREE and will leave you with great new habits to carry forward after the 21 days.

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