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Flourless Banana Pancakes with Blueberry Syrup

These pancakes will make any day extraordinary!

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by Angela Gallardo in Breakfast & Brunch, Recipes
banana pancakes
  1. Carrie says:

    These protein pancakes look delish. I'm gonna be sending all of my personal training clients this recipe! Can't wait to try these tomorrow morning.

  2. Angela Gallardo says:

    Thanks for passing it along, Carrie! I hope they turn out great.

  3. Janelle says:

    These are officially on the menu for Sunday morning. My boys are gonna love them.

  4. Angela Gallardo says:

    Janelle, yay I'm so glad! I'm picturing a fun pancake morning for you and your boys. 🙂

  5. Marissa says:

    Wow! I'm so glad I found your blog. I love your pictures. Pancakes are one of those things I can eat anytime of day, and I never know when the craving is gonna strike. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Angela Gallardo says:

    Marissa, thanks for the sweet words! This is a quick recipe so it's sure to meet your cravings any time, day or night. 🙂

  7. Sacha says:

    Made these for breakfast this morning, utterly delicious – will definitely be making them again! Thanks for the recipe 🙂 (found on foodgawker)

  8. Angela Gallardo says:

    Sacha, it makes me so happy that you enjoyed the pancakes this morning!

  9. Alyssa says:

    Was a little hesitant about making these but I just tasted the first pancake of the batch and they are great! Best pancake without flour and sugar!

  10. Angela Gallardo says:

    Alyssa, so glad the recipe won you over! Who'd have thought no sugar would still taste so good! 🙂

  11. Mattie says:

    These are awesome! Both my one year old and I loved them! Work great to freeze as well! Thanks!

  12. Angela Gallardo says:

    Thanks, Mattie! They are DEF great kid food. I'm glad your little ones enjoyed them 🙂

  13. Steve B. says:

    These are unbelievably delicious!! So happy to find your blog and look forward to trying out your other recipes. I wanted to use less eggs, so I only used 1 egg and added another banana for moisture. I also tossed in 1/4 cup of coconut flour. My kids devoured them all before I was even able to get the blueberry syrup to the table. We will be making them again tomorrow.

    1. Angela Gallardo says:

      Steve, thanks for your comments! I’m so glad I could give your family a great new recipe! I also appreciate you sharing your experience because I do have a lot of readers that want to use less eggs. 🙂

  14. Michele says:

    I had 3 very ripe bananas, so adjusted the proportions to use them up. I found that I didn’t need much milk. I used the batter to make muffins- I do this often so that I don’t have to watch over batches of pancakes. They are a perfect breakfast or afternoon snack. Thanks for the great recipe!

    1. Angela Gallardo says:

      Michele-thank you for your comments! Your feedback is awesome. Muffins are a great idea, I’m going to try that myself!

  15. Denise Staricha says:

    Made the banana and oat pancakes but made them without eggs since I can’t eat eggs. They turned out perfect! SOOOOOO YUMMY! Thank you!

  16. Sara says:

    I was looking for a flour free pancake and your recipe was the first option that came up…what a score! Thank you so much for posting, these came out amazing!! I added some slivered almonds as topping while they were cooking, and about a quarter cup flax seeds to the batter, and loved the added nuttiness 😉
    Also didn’t have any honey, so I used maple syrup instead added some lemon juice to the blueberries for the topping!
    Total new sunday morning favorite!

  17. Mercedes Suarez says:

    that looks so good thanks for sharing!!

  18. Jenny says:

    Just made it today (almond flower version) and they were delicious! Thank you for this recipe.

    1. Jenny says:

      meant flour of course

      1. Angela Gallardo says:

        Haha, no judgment here! 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed the pancakes and kudos for doing the grain-free version!

  19. Kailee Cross says:

    Made these this morning as I was over all of the usual breakfast choices – absolutely delicious! By any chance do you have the (average) nutritional information for it?

    1. Angela Gallardo says:

      So glad you loved them, Kailee! I put up the nutrition facts within the post. Though they’re only for the pancakes, not the syrup. Hope that helps!

  20. shelley says:

    i just don’t see the amount of oats to use???

    1. Angela Gallardo says:

      Hey Shelley! If you look at the ‘Note’ at the bottom of the recipe, it says equal amount of oats if you’re subbing out the almond flour.

  21. Vanessa says:

    Thank You, Thank You!!! For posting this recipe. I just made these and OMG!! New favorite. I’m a pancake lover, trying to eat healthier.

    1. Angela Gallardo says:

      So glad you like it, Vanessa! 🙂

  22. Chelsea says:

    Not to be nitpicky or anything, but this technically isn’t "paleo." Bananas, almonds and blueberries are all products of humans’ 10,000-year agricultural history. Just to lessen the confusion.

    1. Angela Gallardo says:

      Hey Chelsea — Honestly, that approach is too nitpicky for me. You won’t see me setting paleo rules like that here on my blog because I cook from a scientific-based paleo approach. There are other blogs out there where you can find recipes based solely on our ancestral agriculture, if that’s what you’re looking for.

  23. melanie says:

    Didn’t these used to be made with oat flour? They were my favorite! And now I can’t find the recipe… My gluten-free daughter just tested a high sensitivity to almonds. I’m wondering if we are going to see more of that as gluten-free, paleo folks are now eating their wait in nuts!!!

    1. Angela Gallardo says:

      Hey Melanie! So sorry about the confusion. I do now make them with almond flour and have had a lot of feedback that others prefer them that way. I feel you on the eating their weight in almond flour thing though, for sure. I’ve tried to limit our almond flour sweets cause of that. Anyhow, there’s a note at the bottom of the recipe saying to sub an equal amount of whole rolled oats if you want to use those instead. I’ll add some *’s so it’s a little more clear for others. Thanks! 🙂

  24. Angie G. says:

    These are our most favorite pancakes ever! For our family of 6 we double the recipe, and make them on the griddle using 1/8 cup serving size. For toppings we use frozen blueberries thawed and slivered almonds and sliced bananas. Ahhhh-mazing!!

    1. Ahhh! Love this so much. Thank you for sharing your experience, Angie! Really helpful to know with the 1/8 cup serving size 🙂

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