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Cassava Flour Tortillas (grain-free/nut-free)

Get your favorite flour tortillas back in your life.

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(Note: the following is not a sponsored or affiliate post.)

When I discovered Otto’s Cassava Flour, I was really excited!  Although Paleo-friendly “baked goods” are not something I advocate enjoying on a daily basis, I think it’s important to find ingredients that work for your body when you want to indulge.

So I ordered 2 bags of cassava flour a couple of weeks ago and have been so pleased with everything I’ve used it for so far.  It’s really just so easy to use!

—>>>For those unfamiliar, you can read about what cassava flour is here and how it differs from tapioca flour.

My personal opinion: it does behave very similarly to wheat flour cup for cup.  I used it for breading on fish tacos (recipe to come next week) and it worked perfectly.  And I also made a batch of grain free chocolate chip cookies that my husband deemed the best grain free rendition he’s had to date!

And these tortillas, oh my goodness.

Amazing, mild flavor to let your food shine!  (no coconut or almond flavor, yay)

So bendy for your taco- & burrito-rolling needs!

When putting together this recipe, I was looking to add some stretch and chew to the tortillas that you unfortunately don’t seem to get with cassava on its own.

So I went back to my Bare Root Sweets “roots,” where I used ground flaxseed for it’s ability to add a nice chewy texture (like my favorite recipe for Gingerbread Cookies).

A note: the only cassava flour I’ve tried so far is Otto’s.  I’ve heard that they are unique in their grinding process and that other brands won’t perform the same but I can’t speak to that since theirs is the only one I’ve tried!

Edit 2016: after trying other brands, I’ve found that the main difference seems to lie with the strength of absorbency of the flour.  Different brands seem to soak up more liquid than others. 

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