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What Does Paleo Mean To You?

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by Angela Gallardo in Articles

Happy weekend to you!  I am excited to dive into today’s topic.  It’s something I wish I could shout from the rooftops!  And I would monologue you for hours about it if we cozied up together at Cultured Caveman.

What does Paleo mean to you?

Despite many years gaining popularity, the “guidelines,” so to speak, for a Paleo-style diet still seem a bit muddled.  High-protein, lean meats, dairy or no dairy — opinions differ greatly depending on who you ask.  And as someone who’s seen the benefits firsthand & wants to share it with others, it can be frustrating that there is still so much confusion on just how to adapt this awesomely powerful lifestyle.

If you don’t like kombucha (how thick is your SCOBY?), are you still eating Paleo? 😳

I hated cliques in high school and I hate them even more in grown-up-land.  The “label” of eating a Paleo diet can be misleading and exclusionary.  And unfortunately, there are plenty of haters, AKA Paleo Police, online that feed the frenzy.

Whether or not you enjoy dairy or rice or even gluten on occasion is you and your body’s business.

(And it does not kick you out of the cool kids club!)

Only you know your body best.  And only you can decide how to honor your body with your own personal healing and healthful regimen.  Allowing anyone (besides gentle guidance from a Paleo-minded heath care professional) to persuade you to think otherwise is doing yourself a disservice.

My use of the term “Paleo-style diet” is loose and mainly to indicate what direction my food preferences lie.  There are others working to strengthen individuality within Paleo and I encourage you to support them:

#PaleYou by Mary Shenouda, the Paleo Chef
#TeamWhiteRice by Russ Crandall, The Domestic Man
N=1=You by Amy Rubal, dietician for Robb Wolf
The Paleo Cure by Chris Kresser
Index of often 80/20 recipes by Primal Palate

The movement toward a Paleo-style diet can do so.much.good. for the general population and the many ailments people deal with.  But it can only work if people find a way to stick to it in their own way.

—>>> Question for you this week:  what’s your version of Paleo?

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