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Double Chocolate Mint Chip Ice Cream Sandwiches

Raw eggs in ice cream? Why not?

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by Angela Gallardo in Desserts, Recipes

Hopefully these images are enough to prompt you to keep an open mind in regards to this recipe.

Ever since undertaking Dave Asprey’s “Get Some” Ice Cream (really amazing, give it a try), I started wondering why anyone would endure the torture of creating a custard — the traditional ice cream base made with eggs.  He recommends throwing the eggs in raw, whipping it up in a blender, and going straight to the ice cream maker.

I eat plenty of raw eggs, whole in mayo and the yolks added to the occasional smoothie.  We try to get local pastured FRESH eggs as much as possible (and especially for raw occasions).  So I would definitely recommend that for this ice cream base.

I can’t tell the difference between ice cream I’ve made with a custard base (like this Maple Vanilla one) and this one made without that step.  It is still incredibly thick and creamy.

The ghee and cacao butter create such a rich, white-chocolate-like essence that really makes this ice cream what it is.  It is arguably better than many mint chip ice creams I’ve had from the store.

FYI for dairy-free, swap out the ghee for coconut oil or more cacao butter.

Make sure to read through the instructions fully before starting.  It’s not a difficult recipe but needs to be timed right to get the perfect familiar mint chip effect, as shown in this lovely video from my Snapchat.

And of course, the ice cream is amazing on its own, but made even more enjoyable when sandwiched between two of these Chewy Brownie Crinkle Cookies!

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