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What’s your trigger?

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by Angela Gallardo in Articles

Hey friend,

I have been giving some thought to the idea of “triggers” lately.

Typically you hear this in a negative sense when it comes to eating.  I.E… if you walk into the office breakroom on a Friday afternoon, there’s bound to be muffins or cookies so don’t go into the breakroom on a Friday afternoon.

That’s not the kind of trigger I’m thinking of.

Good Triggers vs. Bad Triggers

Rather than talking in terms of what triggers those quote-unquote destructive eating habits, why don’t we focus more on those things that empower constructive eating habits?

So — what’s your trigger?

As a nature-lover, mine often involve some variation of an outdoors activity.

long walk with our dogs (near water preferably)

Running the gravely, steep stretch down Camelback Mountain

nightly regimen that fills my soul

These key moments in my life are a large part of what fuel my drive to persevere on this health journey.  They often have a very real, very visceral effect on my body and mind.  They bring moments of joy, and sometimes awe and wonder at the beauty that is available in life.

(Hopefully this isn’t sounding too extremely corny and you are still with me here.)

I figure you are still reading because you’ve had moments like this yourself.  Moments where a voice inside of you is screaming:

“I can do this! I can do anything!”

These are the triggers I care about.  These are the triggers we need more of.

Our little family just embarked on a new phase of our lives, settling back in Arizona for the winter.  The transition has been rough.  I knew it would be, even good changes often are.  But what has been anchoring me down is implementing more of these triggers.  Staying consistent with them, even when it *seems* easier to be lazy and mope and try to eat away my feelings.  Each time I make that final stretch on Camelback, I am reminded of my own relentless strength.

Fill your life with as many of these moments as you can.  Greatness will inevitably follow.

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