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Grain-Free Bread Loaf

The perfect paleo loaf

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grain-free bread

grain-free bread
grain-free bread

The avocado toast cravings have been very real.

I’ve indulged a few times with some toasty Canyon Bakehouse Mountain White (most legit GF option out there) but I’d been dying to find a way to satisfy that craving without any grains.

I’m suuuuper happy with how it turned out, particularly because it has a really great balance of carbs, protein, and fat.  Also a good amount of fiber.  Compare that to Canyon Bakehouse (and other GF options) and you’ll find those are basically giant carb bombs.

It’s very light and spongy, without the need for yeast, so it holds together really well.  And it has a good amount of crumb without being crumbly.  I’ve found it works particularly well if toasted before enjoying it.

So…. avocado toast to your heart’s content!  Or vanilla ghee + banana + sunbutter = another favorite.

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  1. Rebecca Ratliff says:

    People, she is not kidding when she calls this the perfect Paleo loaf. It’s so, so good. My main gripes with the few store-bought Paleo breads I’ve tried before are: they’re spongy as hell and they have a distinct taste of eggs. I was so pleased to find that this bread suffers from neither of these issues. It really is slightly crumbly, toasts up well, and it holds together so you can slice it rather than. I also appreciated how easy it was to make, and for anyone wondering if results will be just as good with a hand mixer as opposed to a KitchenAid stand mixer–yes, worry not.

    1. Cheryl Bott says:

      What is carb per serving of avocado bread?

  2. Does it have to be light coconut milk? I usually only have regular on hand. I can’t wait to make it!

    1. Hey Heather! You could probably just water it down a bit (that’s the only difference between light and full-fat). I haven’t made it with full-fat coconut milk so I can’t guarantee the results are the same!

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