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My June Paleo Favorites

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by Angela Gallardo in Articles

I thought I would start this edition off with some of my June favorites. It’s set to hit 120F this coming week (*sweaty face emoji* plus *anguished face emoji*) and these are just a few things that are making June a little less miserable rn.

Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil Blemish Stick – Best natural acne-fighting power that I’ve found. Helps control sebum from excess sweating & it’s even great for those stubborn hormonal pimples.

Simple Mills Organic Chocolate Frosting – Dairy-free and so chocolatey delicious! Warning, this does contain cane sugar. But because it is supplemented with monk fruit sweetener (zero glycemic impact), the quantity of cane sugar is a fraction of what you’ll find in other organic frosting brands. It is especially delicious over top an upcoming brownie recipe I’ll be sharing. 😉

ProSource Acupressure Mat – I’ve had this for awhile but have recently really appreciated the neck piece for relieving occasional tension headaches I have had lately. Pressure from the spikes releases endorphins, which work really well for temporary pain relief.

Acure Brightening Vegetable Peel – So happy to FINALLY find a natural facial peel option that really, really works. My skin is so soft after removing it. The veggie version is gentler and meant for normal to dry skin (I am in the sun a lot so I prefer this) and the Purifying Fruit Peel is for combo to oily.

Egg Roll in a Bowl (ERiaB) – Not exclusively a June favorite but one that was revived this month. This is a very easy meal that I will never, ever tire of. The recipe linked isn’t exactly how I do mine but very close. I also like to scoop it into lettuce cups for ERinLC.

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