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My August Paleo Favorites

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Hey everyone, happy Friday!

I thought I’d share another round of my current favorites for the month. These are some goooood ones!

  • Herb Pharm Turmeric Extract – Ramping up my anti-inflammatory regimen via GAPS has included this easy-to-use turmeric tincture. I’ve added drops here and there to so many things, from my green juice to my night drink to these Creamy Golden Citrus Gummies.
  • Mocha Surprise Herbal Teasan Blend – Bone broth fatigue plus Intro Phase 4 (!!) of GAPS has brought back my traditional morning Bulletproof Cacao! I’ve added my Crio Bru back but with a twist — this herbal tea blend! It’s phenomenal and so reminiscent of coffee with roasted chicory, carob, licorice, allspice, cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla. It brews just like coffee in a french press and blends seamlessly with my Spiced Butter Coffee Blocks <3
  • Juice Organics Leave-in Treatment – I’ve (somewhat sadly) left behind my allegiance to the Acure lemongrass leave-in conditioner. While I was mostly happy with it’s results, I always felt the need to water it down or it would leave my hair sticky. This Juice Organics one is quite the opposite! It leaves my hair soft and easily brushable! (you know, kind of like a leave-in conditioner should?)
  • Coyo Coconut Yogurt – This is hands down the cleanest and most delicious coconut yogurt I have tried. Thicker than Coconut Cult (don’t shoot me, please) and still zero gums! I buy the plain flavor but their fruit and chocolate flavors are sweetened with apple juice concentrate and have zero cane sugar! Use their product locator to find it in stores near to you!
  • Culinary Matcha by Matcha Love – This is a great matcha that will not cost you your first-born child. Vibrant green and not overly earthly, I have been loving it with some spirulina, moringa, and chlorella for a Minty Bulletproof Matcha.

Note: the above links are not affiliate but this one is –>> find many of these for much cheaper on Thrive Market & you’ll get a free 30 days plus 15% off your first order!

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