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Berry Beet Fat Balls

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by Angela Gallardo in Desserts, Recipes, Sides & Snacks
Berry Beet Fat Balls, a great #paleo, #healthy, #glutenfree, #grainfree, #dairyfree, #snack #dessert #recipe.

Berry Beet Fat Balls, a great #paleo, #healthy, #glutenfree, #grainfree, #dairyfree, #snack #dessert #recipe.Berry Beet Fat Balls, a great #paleo, #healthy, #glutenfree, #grainfree, #dairyfree, #snack #dessert #recipe.

I’ve been on a fat balls mission (def not as graphic as it sounds).

I loooovveee having them handy in my fridge.  My go-to used to be homemade jellies (any fruit/juice/etc with grass-fed gelatin to set it) but these are much more satiating.

Do you do that thing where you’re making dinner and by the time you’re done, you’ve snacked so much that you’re not even that hungry anymore?

Yeah, so try one (or two) of these instead.  It’ll quickly curb that waited-too-long-to-eat feeling (or for me the gotta-try-bites-as-I-go-cause-it’s-in-front-of-me feeling (sorry for all the hyphens)).

I am really terrible at eating beets regularly (they have great liver boosting/detox-friendly nutrients!) so I’m loving the organic beet powder I got from Sprouts.  If you have a Sprouts nearby, I recommend grabbing that instead of the one linked below, as it’s cheaper.

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Berry Beet Fat Balls

Yields: about 16

1 c. unsweetened, shredded coconut

1/2 c. almond flour

1/2 c. goji berries (recommend unsulphured)

2 tbsp. hulled hemp seeds

1 tbsp. pitaya powder (optional)

2 tbsp. beet powder

4 tbsp. collagen peptides (optional)

1/4 c. runny coconut butter

1/4 c. raw honey

1 tbsp. soft/melted coconut oil

1 tsp. vanilla extract

1/2 tsp. sea salt

2-3 tsp. filtered water


Add the shredded coconut, almond flour, goji berries, hemp seeds, pitaya powder, beet powder, and collagen peptides to the bowl of a large food processor.  Pulse until loosely mixed together.

Add the coconut butter, honey, coconut oil, vanilla, and sea salt.  Process until mixed well.

Add the water 1 teaspoon at a time until the mix comes together and looks sticky (you can test by pinching it together with two fingers – it should hold together).

Portion out with a small disher and roll into balls.  Place on a lined sheet pan and place the pan in the fridge or freezer until solid.

Store extras in the fridge and remove a few minutes before enjoying!

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