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Easy Preserved Lemons

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preserved lemons

Just lemons, salt, and a little time is all that’s needed to turn the skins of these easy preserved lemons slightly jammy. The bitterness diminishes, allowing for a more palatable use of the whole lemon.

Preserved lemons are popular in eastern cuisine but they are great for many other uses beyond that. My favorite is throwing a half of one into a pot of rice before cooking, then mashing it in after for a very fragrant rice dish that pairs well with just about any other food.

Easy Preserved Lemons

• Enough lemons to fill a pint or quart sized jar
• Any natural sea salt, with enough for each layer of lemons added
• Optional aromatics: fresh herbs like bay or thyme

  1. Cut the lemons into half or quarters, depending on how large the lemons are.
  2. Press one layer down on the bottom of the jar and pour a bit of salt over top. Tamp the lemons down with the salt to release as much of the lemon juice as possible.
  3. Repeat until the jar is full and the lemon juice is covering the lemons completely. Shake a little if you can see any undissolved salt. Top with a non-metal lid since metal is reactive to salt and will rust.
  4. Store in the fridge for a minimum of 2 weeks before using. The longer they’re left, the more concentrated the flavor will become.
  • Note: the inside flesh will become very salty and is best used in lieu of salt across a larger amount of food like the rice preparation mentioned above. If using the skins raw (like over a smoked salmon toast or in a lemony salsa), discard the flesh and slice the skins very thin before adding to your dish for a super pop of lemon 😋

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