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Lamb-Stuffed Cabbage Rolls with Easy, Authentic Marinara

A seemingly boring dish that could pass for your old favorite manicotti shells.

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I have about 2 too many projects going with work (which honestly feels like 15 too many) and it leaves me much less time for recipe creation here at BRG.  Which genuinely makes me sad because it’s all I want to do with my time, sharing recipes with you guys rather than with clients.  Though you can’t really beat the whole getting-paid-for-it thing. 😉

In other news, I also started Snapchatting (add me! @barerootgirl).  Which is so, so fun.  And has been a great way to stay engaged with people about my recipe creation since it’s so quick and unfiltered.  Warning, I do share just about everything I eat over there… And selfies!  And my voice!  It’s pretty crazy, guys.

So. This recipe.

It sounds so ‘blah’ but it tastes sooo the opposite of that!  Honestly, I had seen a bunch of cabbage rolls on Pinterest from the Paleo folks I follow and while I love trying new things, it never really called to me.

After finally making them, I’d like to take a moment to debunk a few cabbage roll myths/perceptions (maybe these are just my own, who knows):

  • they are definitely not soggy
  • they’re moist and flavorful on the inside with a bit of crunch from the cabbage on the outside
  • they are easier to make than they look
  • they should not be cooked for 2 hours (that’s only needed when rice is used!)
  • they should NOT be cooked with the marinara sauce on top (it’s much better freshly dolloped on top after baking)
  • they remind me a lot of manicotti shells with marinara! (aka serious comfort food)
  • most importantly, they’re delicious!

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