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What Do You Call Yourself?

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by Angela Gallardo in Articles

What do you do when you eat something you “shouldn’t?”

My guess is you’re not congratulating yourself for a job well-done.  If you’re anything like me, you likely spiral into some sort of self-deprecating internal dialogue for the next day (or two, or three).

You call yourself names:  weak, fat, pathetic, worthless.

You suddenly forget all the amazingly healthy and self-disciplined choices you’ve made pretty much ever andyou feel like the weakest (maybe fattest) person alive.

When You Take on Too Much

Lately, I’ve been schooled hardcore in this area.  I have a few too many projects on my plate (what feels like a million too many) and some days have me stress-eating salted caramels or calling a bunch of frozen Applegate sausages my dinner.

Even though my going-off-the-rails mode of today (caramels and a lack of veggies) doesn’t look like what it used to in the past (20-piece McNuggets, large fries, and pass the MSG-filled ranch please), that doesn’t stop my brain from repeating theexact same process.

Despite years of dedication to healing my body with food, I still call myself the same names.

Blame it on culture, the media, the objectification of the female form, whatever you want.  Theresponsibility (more importantly, the control!) still lies in our hands.

When my brain starts yelling insults at me

I find new names to call myself.

Rather than weak, I’m committed for the long haul.

Rather than fat, I’m a passionate yogi.

Rather than worthless, I’m a beloved wife.

This almost always flips the switch in my brain.  It reminds me that a new day will come and I will prove myself (to myself) once again.  You are not the worst food choices you make.  And your future potential is not gauged by them either.

What new names can you call yourself?

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