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Low-Carb Fried Chicken with Romesco Sauce

The love child of two of my favorite recipes from my book Bare Root Mornings.

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fried chicken

fried chicken

fried chicken

The meal shown above is a love child of two of my favorite recipes from my book Bare Root Mornings.

Crispy Chicken & Waffles (pictured on the cover)


Tortilla Espanola with Romesco Sauce

If I had to name my favorites sauces OF ALL TIME, romesco would rank in the Top 3.  A fairly creamy blend of roasted tomatoes, roasted red peppers, almonds, and garlic — what more is there to life?

As a huge fan of a high fat Paleo-style diet, it’s nice to have satisfying options that aren’t packed with a ton of starch.  And as my gut is continuing to heal, starches are something I can only indulge in in moderation anyhow!  So enter: this chicharron fried chicken.

It’s the chicken in the Chicken & Waffles from the book (which is definitely pretty starchy and not so practical for weeknights) and it most definitely holds its own in the dish.

A light breading of crumbled chicharron (fried pork skins) gets even more crispy when browned in a thin layer of avocado oil.  The pork rinds add a really great pork flavor and the outside stays crispier than most starchier Paleo fried chicken options I’ve had before.

Of course, I would LOVE if you went over and grabbed a copy of the book yourself.  And for those on the fence, I thought this marriage of fried chicken and romesco would do a pretty good job of convincing you that you need this (not-just-for-breakfast) book in your life.

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