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Grain-free Chocolate Chip Cookies (UPDATED)

Even better than before

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by Angela Gallardo in Desserts, Recipes

chocolate chip cookies chocolate chip cookies

chocolate chip cookies

These cookies, guys.

In creating the Chewy Molasses Cookies recently, I had a realization that I was going about my old chocolate chip cookie recipe in the entirely wrong way. Using the butter and sugar creaming method is great if you want a light and fluffy cookie (it also helps if there’s gluten involved in that scenario) but that isn’t my preference when it comes to the classic CCC.

The best = chewy on the inside and crisp on the outside.  Not too thick and not too thin.

(although if you like thin and crispy, you can pull that off in this recipe by simply overcooking them a bit)

So instead of creaming the butter and sugar together, I’ve opted for whipping the sugar into the egg and adding the butter in melted form.  This will always yield a thinner and crispier cookie (the previous were quite tall).  I also switched from a liquid sweetener to a granulated sweetener.  You can sub it out for honey or maple syrup but those are both humectants, which means they hold onto moisture reallllly well and make the cookie very moist (AKA not crisp).

I sandwiched these up (as I love to do) with a bit of goat milk ice cream and it was THE BEST.

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  1. Patrick Peters says:

    Has anyone figured out the nutritional information for this? I’m diabetic, so understanding the carbs and glycemic index would be great.

    1. Patrick Peters says:

      I answered my own question at I got 16 cookies out of my batch, and ended up with (per cookie):
      – 206 calories
      – 17 grams carbs
      – 15 grams fat
      – 3 grams protein
      – 91 grams sodium
      – 13 grams sugar

      1. Thank you for doing the legwork on this, Patrick!

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