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Easy Homemade Spray-on Deodorant

the melty summertime deodorant solution

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by Angela Gallardo in Body, Recipes
spray deodorant, aluminum free, natural green beauty deodorant, paleo recipes

spray deodorant, aluminum free, natural green beauty deodorant, paleo recipes

Being back in Phoenix this summer, I was reminded how frustrating it can be to deal with homemade coconut oil based deodorants.  If I don’t get it slathered on before 6 am, it turns into a melty mess.

I have made mine with beeswax in the past (helps it to stay more firm at warmer temps) but it is a huge pain to work with due to its high melting temperature.  Which also makes it hard to clean off surfaces and you absolutely cannot put it down your drain.  So I really avoid using it as much as possible.

Before Paleo and the healing I found doing the GAPS diet, I didn’t do very well with baking soda deodorants.  I got the telltale rash if used on consecutive days.  But now my body seems to do really well with it.  I do still make sure to moisturize my pits overnight (on most nights) to keep them happy and offset any dryness caused by the baking soda.  I love this Medicine Mama’s Sweet Bee Magic for that and also use it on my face many nights.  Liquid gold, I swear.

I don’t know how it occurred to me but I realized baking soda is easily dissolved in water and I honestly have no idea why more people are not talking about this awesome fact!  Sticking it into a spray bottle has been the best thing to happen to my natural deodorant, hands down.

I used witch hazel as the base because it’s very hydrating (make sure you get an alcohol-free one or else it’ll burn terribly!)

Then aloe vera gel to both sooth and emulsify the whole thing together.

If you have sensitive underarms, you can start with 1/4 tsp. of the baking soda and see how effective it is.  Then continue to work your way up to what works for your body.  I like 1 tsp. because it works for a solid 6-8 hours and doesn’t irritate my underarms.

Adding a bit of skin-softening oil like argan oil is helpful to offset dryness.  Do not switch this out for virgin coconut oil or it will clog the atomizer.  Only oils that are liquid at all temperatures are recommended.

Lastly, a combo of melaleuca, grapefruit, and lemon essential oils for a really refreshing (and bacteria-fighting) scent.

This has been tested in one of the hottest spots in the US and during a very muggy, monsoon-y summer.  *thumbs up*

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Spray-on Deodorant

Yields: 1 2-oz. bottle

1/4 c. alcohol-free witch hazel (I have this one on hand bc I use it as a facial toner)

1 tbsp. organic aloe vera gel

1 tsp. baking soda

2 tsp. organic argan oil

10 drops melaleuca essential oil (tea tree)

10 drops grapefruit essential oil (or orange would be great too)

10 drops lemon essential oil


I recommend added everything to a larger bottle with a wider mouth opening than the glass bottle shown here.  Seal and shake very well.  Allow to rest about 5-10 minutes for the baking soda to fully dissolve before vigorously shaking again.

Fit a funnel into the mouth of a 2-oz. glass jar with atomizer and pour the liquid in.  Seal and store at room temperature.  Always shake well before use.

Recommended: 3-5 sprays per underarm.  Clean the nozzle off after each use before recapping to prevent residue from building up and clogging the atomizer.

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  1. D Smith says:

    I had the same thought process. But baking soda dissolved in water wasn’t very reliable. Sometimes it worked all day and sometimes it would stop working way too soon. Otherwise I really liked the concept much better than the typical baking soda deodorant because that deodorant would give me rashes as well.

    I found out about aloe veras deodorizing properties later while using it in home made hair products and wondered maybe if it would work better if I dissolved baking soda in aloe vera instead.

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